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As Kaule ev - Nepal was initiated by a German NGO most of the support was coming from abroad. Now that Kaule ev - Nepal is growing independent we are looking for more support by local people.

You can contribute to our agricultural development!

You can support Kaule ev - Nepal financially by giving a donation ( > read more) or pass on your professionell knowledge about farming, livestock or organizational development as a volunteer in Kaule.

Available places of assignment

We are currently looking for volunteers who can support the local organisation Kaule environment Nepal. As there is always something to do around the demonstration centre, volunteers are always welcome. There is a variety of tasks volunteers can do depending on their personal qualifications and interests. Usually there is plenty of physical labour to do: As we grow our own plants, tasks like digging, watering, weeding, etc. often occur. Feeding and taking care of the animals (we have a dog, a cat, chickens and ducks) is also necessary. Daily duties like cleaning and up-keeping also keep appearing on the to do list. . Due to the harsh weather conditions and damages caused by animals, buildings and fences has to be repaired quite often. Furthermore, we always have new projects starting, so it never gets boring. Another possibility is to work on farms of the members of the local organisation. Here again tasks like weeding, digging, planting, etc. emerge. As volunteers spend the entire day with the Tamang families and also take their meals with them, this is always a nice opportunity to get closer to the locals and learn more about Nepali culture. Working time is from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm. For the rest of the day volunteers are free to do whatever they feel like. There are several small hikes near the demo centre, but often the volunteers spend their free time playing games, reading books or just relaxing in the hammock. Kaule environment Nepal provides accommodation and food at the demo centre for very little charges. If you are interested in a stay with us or need further details, feel free to contact us.

Life-time membership

You can join Kaule e.V. as life-time member! Reach the Kaule Newsletter and support the organisation with one payment of 50 Euros. Your donation ensures our independence of governmental financing and influence. Your support is sincerely appreciated. Thank you!

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