Scientific Publications


Read here as first scientific publication the diploma thesis of Vera Kremer. In autumn and winter 2009 she made her research on green manure legumes at Kaule and could attain important conclusions for the treatment of the degraded soil.

The research was conducted at the institute of sciences of economic plants and resource protection (INRES) of the university in Bonn, Germany.

> Comparative evaluation of green manure legumes for reclamation of degraded terraces in the mid-hills of Nepal

The Bechelor thesis of Devid Wellstead is a scientific publication referring to the the agricultural greater area of the Himalaya. After his stay as a volunteer in Kaule in 2009, he wrote it at the University of Nottingham. For more information contact can be established via email:

> Sustainable agriculture in the Himalaya

The "Nepal Agroforestry Foundation" (NAF) compiled a data sheet on the english and scientific names of currently significant nepalese plants.

> Scientific names of fodders, grasses, fruits, NTFPs and vegetables