Project Objectives

From an ecological point of view:

  • A farm using AF has greater biodiversity and greater harvests.
  • A lower impact of harmful insects and diseases.
  • The ecosystem is balanced by the increased diversity of flora and fauna.
  • Risk of erosion is clearly diminished through the cultivation of mixed plants, and through the fixation of the soil with multiple roots.
  • The intended mix and use of natural green and animal fertiliser will help to create fertile humus soils (which will free farms from the need for chemical fertiliser).

From a socio-economic point of view:

  • AF leads to an increased market offering and longer harvest seasons.
  • Higher farmer incomes through the extended market offering.
  • Reduced expenses to run farms, via permaculture methods.
  • With reduced work time and physical effort, the social condition of farmers' families improves.
  • A better financial situation improves the access to higher education and healthcare.