The Organization Kaule ev - Nepal

cornThe organization 'Kaule Environment - Nepal' (Kaule ev - Nepal) was formally established in October 2010. The organization aims to set up and implement socially-sustainable agroforestry projects. The organization's goal is to assist farmers to help themselves, so as to ensure that they can achieve sufficient income for living, education and health care - as well as the further development of their farms. By using sustainable permanent culture methods, it should be possible to improve the environmental conditions of farmlands, whilst simultaneously ensuring and maintaining higher crop yields. Such positive eco-friendly farming and the improvement of the socio-economic conditions for farmers comprise the fundamental core values of Kaule ev - Nepal.

The current assignment was established by a German group called 'Kaule e.V. - Organisation for Socially Sustainable Agro Projects'; it comprises an agroforestry project in the village of Kaule in Nuwakot District. Kaule lies 25 km north-west of Kathmandu and is situated close to the well-known village Kakani.

The project Kaule ev - Nepal is derived from a German organization which fully understands how the use of local structures can provide a greater long-term positive impact than simply supplying foreign aid. The German parent organization will continue to support the project, but as from the end of 2014 complete responsibility will shift to the Nepal organization. Of course, both the German and local institutions will continue to collaborate and offer support.

The composition of Kaule ev - Nepal comprises a balanced mixture of local farmers, active individuals from Kathmandu, and scientific experts. The Organization addresses all interested and active people for help and support in order to achieve positive changes in Nepal.

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